Monday, October 31, 2005


(this image will change, it is dynamically updated...oh la la la, but right now, it looks ideal for observing)

The clear sky clock is looking great for tonight. There is absolutely no denying it. I’d love nothing more to get out into the backyard for a little observing. It’s hard to say if that will happen or not, at this point. It’s Halloween, as we all know. Ghastly creatures will be wandering around the neighborhood, at least, for the early part of the evening. The little ghoulies might start throwing things (namely, tootsie rolls) at the “weird guy” with the telescope in his backyard. Then there is the issue of the novel. My muse is screaming for continued love and attention. I’m in such a good writing groove; I’d hate to take an evening off at this point and lose the momentum. Maybe, after I feel I’ve logged enough time at the computer, I’ll have the steam to look at Mars. I’d hate to miss this close pass, as it’ll be 2018 before it comes around anywhere near as close again. The seeing is forecasted to be good.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed. In the end, though, it’s up to me. I’ll leave ya with today’s APOD, because it is very cool.


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